New Leadership By Coaching (1)

1. Introduction

Hi! Welcome! My name is Hiroko, a certified professional coach located in New York City. I have been living in this big city almost 2 decades.
First, let me tell you how I got started as a coach.
I have worked in one of Fortune 500 companies for 14 years as an applications developer in IT Department.
When I was about to reach the half way point of my life, I came to a realization that I want to work with people who are trying to improve their lives.
When I felt stuck and lost in my own life searching for a new career, I had some opportunities to work with coaches myself. After each session, I really loved the feelings that my mind was organized and focused. My spirit was lifted and energized, and my confident came back.
As I continued my work with them, I became more aware of my habit in the thinking process. When I was considering becoming a coach myself, I started to worry about not-knowing. So I decided to go against it and jumped into a coaching school instead.
After a year later in 2014, I became a certified professional coach.

2. Your World Changed By Perspective

Have you thought about how your world is built around you?
You might say, “The world is the same for everyone else on earth.”
Here, I am talking about YOUR OWN world. The world where you see and experience is different from the one where the person next to you sees and experiences.

Here is an example of 2 different women;
There is a woman who works fulltime, does all the housekeeping, raising the kids, all by herself. She is tired, does not feel comforted at home, is feeling alone, and she does not powerful like a modern woman should.
For her, the world is a place where she goes to battle alone. “Why can’t I be stronger? Why can’t I do more?” She feels guilty. She gets also irritated by her family. Eventually, she starts feeling angry at the world, at the government and the company for not taking care of the work environment, and at her boss who does not understands her situation.
Her world is filled with disappointment and anger.

Here is another woman with the same situation. She works full time and has a family with children.
She can work late today because her husband is taking care of the meal for the kids tonight. You and your husband are a team to take turns to take care of kids, do laundry and do dishes after meals. Sometimes, you and your husband decide to hire some help to watch the children, to take care of the meals and house cleaning.
She feels content because her world is filled with help and support. She and her husband are a team. She is not alone in the world.
Do you see the difference between those two women?
Why does this happen?

They are looking at the same world from two different perspectives.
The first world is the result of viewing the world of “Problems”.
The second world is the result of viewing the world of “Solutions.”
It seems that you can change your world by looking at it with a different perspective.
However, you might say, “I am tired, am exhausted to think about things like that now. I just don’t have time for this.”
I am here to say to you that it’s because your life is being that way, you need to make an extra effort to make time to look at your life as a big picture now.
How long do you think you can keep up with the current life this way?
What possibility do you see in your health in the future?
How will your relationship be effected with your spouse and children?
How well do you think you can perform at work and get promoted with no energy to spare?
You need to start thinking about “The Big Picture”.

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