New Leadership By Coaching (2)

3. What You See From A Different Angle

Changing the perspective is not about “positive thinking” or denying the difficult situation.
It means that you become aware that there are many other ways of seeing one thing from different angles.
It’s about knowing your other options and you can always choose form them.
With your new perspective, you are able to create your new world.
That is what is called vision.
The vision is not “Wishful thinking” or it only exists in a spiritual world.
It is something you could use as a compass to know which direction you are heading.
If you have your own vision in mind at all times, every action that you take will all align to get to that destination.

4. Coaching in Real Life

In everyday life, you witness many conflicts and friction between people.
They are caused by the different views from their own world.
Have you had any experience where the discussion is about to become an argument?
How did the conversation go to that direction?
Usually, people conclude that they just do not get along with certain people.
However, what if you already know that you two have different views of things in the first place?
And people tend to react to certain situation instead of considering and choosing what they are going to say next.
By coaching, you will be trained to be aware of yourself, and get to choose your next action.
You will learn to respond, not to react.
How would the same discussion be different if you respond?
Consciously choosing instead of reacting is powerful skill to have.
The first woman in the last example decides to shift her perspective and see her own world from a different angle. She realizes that she can have more support and help so that she can strive at work without worrying about her children and home.
She sees that she needs support from her husband.
She now understands that she and her husband see the same situation from two different angles, so she decides to explain hers to him.
Usually, the discussion turns into an argument, but this time, she listens attentively to what he has to say, and responds instead of reacting to it.
The discussion stays calm, and he also hears her point of view.
She does not get her vision actualized yet, but she is now heading to the right direction.
She and her husband have a discussion to align to work towards the same big picture, a happy life as a family.
She is able to apply something learned from coaching in her own life.
Imagine a situation that you can apply this concept at work.
What outcome do you think you can create?

5. Leadership By Coaching

Vision, options, perspective, listening and responding.
By bringing these concept learned in coaching, you can move the direction of a couple, a group or an organization.
In a way, you are leading the entire team or group with your own emotional maturity.
I would like to call it “Leadership by Coaching”.
Apart from the traditional managing style of ordering from top down, this new style is to create a team with the same vision and move it towards the same direction.
By leading with coaching, you are leading the group of independent thinkers, self-starters, and creative innovators.

I am offering coaching services for leaders. If you would like to discover your vision, train to be aware of yourself, and learn to respond with emotional maturity, this is for you.

The same coaching services are provided in both Japanese and English.

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