Confidence Without Comparing

Peers with Vision and Intention

By shifting the perspective, you can broaden your horizon as a leader. It means if you see what your eyes can’t see now, the size of your world will be bigger.
Here is an example of shifting your perspective.
Becoming a member of KegenW was the first step into your new journey of self-growth as a leader.
As you proceed this path, you might find yourself feeling alone because your friends do not necessarily understand what you go through.
Leaders often work and make decisions alone. However, they should know that they have peers.
You will find fellow leaders with their own vision, intention and the same level of drive as yours at KigenW.

Be Your Own Measurements

When you belong in a group, people tend to compare themselves with others.
How many degrees they have, how many foreign languages they speak, how well they speak in public, how well they dress, how confident they appear, etc.
As a coach, I would like to ask you a question, and I request for you to answer it in your own words.
How do you feel and what is your thought when you compare yourself with others?
If it causes you to feel inferior, you are not looking at what you already have as your strength. On the other hand, if you do it to make yourself feel better, your confidence is only a facade and fake.
If you are always looking for outside sources to measure yourself, you can never be sure of who you are.
Some might argue saying that they could not complete with others if they did not know the competitors.
What I am talking about here is how you can be sure of yourself without approval or praise from others.
As you thrive as a leader, you will face something or someone to shake your confidence.
How can you stay confident regardless what other people think of you or your ideas?

Values in Being Assertive

During the first few years of employment at an American corporation in New York City, I met one manager who encouraged me to change my way of being at work.
As a Japanese woman who was born and raised in Japan, my impression that my boss and co-leagues had was that I was quiet, submissive and demure.
To be valued and thrive in an American work environment, I needed to learn how to be assertive.
However, since I was the most junior in the group, I had no idea how I could assertive and express my opinions in meetings.
I thought, “What value can I possibly add with my few knowledge and experience?”
What my boss wanted to tell me here was the importance of expressing.
Being assertive is not about comparing yourself with others. And it is not about
convincing others how great you are, either.
Being assertive was not something I was familiar when I was growing up in Japan.
Learning this new way of being had much influence on me not only at work but in all areas of my life.
I have come to trust in myself to make decisions and become more unwavy regardless people’s opinion of myself or my ideas.
I would like you to be a leader with confidence radiating from within, a leader who trust herself, without needing to get praises or approval.
Professional Coaching at Gensense Coaching is a process to find your power and knowledge within yourself. We believe that you are the source of all answers.
If you would like to experience coaching, a 30-minute complimentary coaching session is recommended.

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