Training Inward

Recognize your thought pattern

When people don’t feel that they are advancing in their career, the first thing that they think of is getting new skills, certificates and degrees.
At some point in your career, I believe you need to change the direction how you use your time and energy.
Learning new skills, getting certificates and earning degrees are like getting a new suite, shoes and jewelries to feel good about yourself.
However, you cannot get confidence, passion and vision as any leaders own from outside source.
The time might have come for you to look inward now.
Have you heard in seminars and read in business books that your life is built out of your habits? Habits include what time you wake up in the morning, what you eat for breakfast, which train you take to get to work, etc., however, today, I want you to think about your thought habit.
Your life is built out of your thought habit.
What do I mean by that?

Catch that cue! 

When I got so stressed out, how I dealt with it is to shut down, I don’t want to talk to people, stay in and watch movies. I used to tolerate the stress until the weekend, and I nest myself in the apartment on Saturday and Sunday as if I was regenerating the energy to face another week.
The problem was that it takes too long to reduce the stress that way, and it was unhealthy.
I thought I wanted to change the way to deal with stress. But how?
To find out the alternative way to deal with stress, I needed to know the cause of the stress in the first place.
My stress was caused when I felt overwhelmed with many things needed to get done, and I don’t know how I could finish all.
It was the worry about my failure. My cue was my feelings of worries.
It’s because it has been a part of how I live my life, it was difficult to identify the tipping point of my mood from feeling normal to feeling worried.
This is not something you could do because you read in a book or heard about it from someone.
Recognizing your cue needs some training called Awareness Training.

Which path to take at the fork

When you are aware of your cue, now you need to choose what you want to do.
If you just do whatever you have done in the past, the result will be the same.
It means that you need to choose something different.
Decide which path to take at the fork; do you want to take a familiar path that you have taken before, or do you want to take a new path you have never used before?
What is your cue, and what is your thought pattern in your daily life?
If you would like to find out your cue to trigger your familiar pattern, and you wish to change that to take a new path, it might be your time to talk to a professional coach.

Here is Japanese version of this article.

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