Why a coach now

You have a good career, you are in a loving relationship, you have wonderful children. You should feel complete and content, but not quite…

I am here to tell you that it is time for you to get a different support other than your significant other, siblings, parents or your best friend.

You have always listened to them give you advice because you know they care about you dearly. It is a beautiful picture where you are surrounded by people you love.

Their intentions are all good; they want you to be happy and want you to be safe.
But, what if you can’t avoid stepping out of your safety zone one way or another to reach your optimal potential?

What coaching is

A coach is an expert in asking empowering questions so that you will find your own solutions and answers.

You are the source of all answers.

I believe, as a coach, that you don’t need any groundbreaking help; I believe that you only need to realize your own power within. My job here is to give you a little nudge to make you look inward.

Working together with Hiroko

I am a life coach certified with Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), an International Coaching Federation accredited coaching institution.

In your first 60-minute complimentary session, we will discuss in which area you want to improve in your life, and how you define your desired results. And let’s see how coaching fits for you to get what you desire.

Contact Information

Hiroko Ideguchi
Certified Professional Coach
Energy Leadership Index Practitioner

Cell: 917-612-3233
E-mail: info@gensensecoaching.com